Meet some of the Choir


Trinity College Choir members come from a wide range of backgrounds, academic interests and musical experience.  Here you can find out more about some of the current Choir and why they enjoy being a part of it.


Louise AyrtonLouise Ayrton - alto

Coming late to choral singing, I trained as a violinist in France before arriving at Trinity to read Modern Languages. Of course, my reason for applying was the College Choir, which I now can't imagine life without.  Singing with such a talented family of musicians is a wonderful opportunity, and I feel privileged to be part of the long tradition of Trinity Choral Scholars.



Helen CharlstonHelen Charlston - alto

Since arriving at Cambridge to read Music, Trinity has been even better than I ever expected. Trinity proved to be the wonderful College I thought it would be, and the Choir has exceeded every expectation I had for it.  It is such an honour to be part of such a talented group of singers, singing together on a regular basis.



Hannah KingHannah King - soprano

I grew up in Manchester, studied the oboe at Chethams School of Music, and although I liked singing I had absoloutely no experience of singing in a church environment before arriving at Trinity.  But such was the reputation of the Choir that it seemed silly not to give it a go.  I'm so glad that I did - the family atmosphere of the Choir and the Chapel made it easy to settle in.  It fits in very well with my Music degree and I still have time to pursue other practical music-making activities like singing in opera productions and playing in orchestras and chamber music.


Elly KornasElly Kornas - Organ Scholar

As an Organ Scholar I love playing the beautiful instrument which we are so lucky to have in our Chapel and also enjoy conducting the Choir and helping them prepare for concerts and services. I am finding the whole experience to be something which is truly like nothing else - musically and socially it is something which I feel very lucky to be a part of.



Joel NulsenJoel Nulsen - bass

Reading Mathematics and being a member of Trinity College Choir might seem a bit of an odd combination, but I can definitely say that the Choir now forms an absolutely integral part of my University life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To make music regularly to such a high standard, following in a centuries-old tradition at the heart of England’s national identity, is an incredible privilege.



Jonny PaceyJonny Pacey - bass

I applied to Trinity because I think it's simply one of the best choirs in the world! Everyone in the group is just so friendly, and we have such a laugh together, both in Choir and also outside.  Studying Music and wishing to go into the profession, the opportunities that come with working with Stephen Layton and other influential people that you get to meet as part of Trinity College and Choir are invaluable.


Owain ParkOwain Park - Organ Scholar

Being part of Trinity College Choir has already been a life-changing experience. Often, Organ Scholars have to bury themselves away in the organ loft, rarely to be seen. At Trinity, I regularly sing with the Choir, have conducted a number of services and rehearsals, and have composed two new commissioned pieces.  I’m certain that the opportunities available here are not replicated or bettered anywhere else.


Cameron Richardson-EamesCameron Richardson-Eames - tenor

Working under Stephen Layton has allowed me to develop, and indeed discover, aspects of my musicianship that I can apply to whatever I end up doing and perhaps might not have got elsewhere. The Choir has also allowed me a better understanding of the symbiotic relationship between academia and performance.



Saachi SenSaachi Sen - alto

Though I primarily work hard at and enjoy my Engineering degree, as well as balancing other aspects of my time such as sports, I have come to realise that being part of Trinity College Choir is a defining part of my life at Cambridge - one that I love and am very grateful for.



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