Meet the Choir


Trinity College Choir members come from a wide range of backgrounds, academic interests and musical experience.  Here you can find out more about some of the current Choir and why they enjoy being a part of it.


Rachel CoombsRachel Coombs - soprano

I was so excited to join Trinity College Choir because I couldn't wait to sing with such an incredible group of musicians, and I've been blown away by the sound we make! The thing that has been the most wonderful surprise however, is the community and friendship that the choir provides; everyone has been so kind and welcoming, I've been made to feel like a member of the choir family, which has really enhanced my experience so far.


Kate ApleyKate Apley - alto

As a fourth year Languages student, I appreciate Trinity College Choir even more now after returning from my Year Abroad spent in Italy, where there is simply not the same tradition of choral music. It is a privilege to sing with such a high standard of singers, and the feeling of community and friendship between us all is one of the highlights of my Cambridge experience!


Toby MatimongToby Matimong - bass

I graduated in July 2017, having studied music at Homerton College. Though I’d expected my volunteering in the choir to enrich my musical experiences, I hadn’t realised how great a social benefit would also be wrought. I’m now staying on as a part-time assistant to the choir, and feel more than ever that we really are one determined family of singers.


Benjamin Mortishire-Smith - bass Benjamin Mortishire-Smith

It makes all the difference to be able to leave behind the stress and workload of studying for a degree to sing alongside a group of such fabulous musicians. It’s always a rewarding experience, which is all the more appreciated after spending the day in the lab; it can sometimes be tough to balance time commitments, but at the end of the day, I find singing with the choir to be a very fulfilling change of scene!


Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton - Senior Organ Scholar

As Senior Organ Scholar of Trinity, I spend much of my time practising on the world-famous chapel organ, preparing for services and recitals. Alongside playing and conducting, the organ scholars also play an important role in the day-to-day running of the choir. Whilst it’s a busy job, it’s very rewarding, and I still have time to be part of other musical projects inside and out of Trinity.


Asher OliverAsher Oliver - Junior Organ Scholar

Being a choral scholar (or, in my case, an organ scholar) whilst studying for a music degree is a well-trodden path - the two can complement each other very well! That said, members of the choir do read a wide range of subjects, and also have a diverse range of interests outside of their academic pursuits. This we all bring to the table when we meet to perform together. The combination of this diversity with a common passion for music making is what gives the choir its drive and energy, and what makes being a part of the choir so rewarding.


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