Organ Scholarships at Trinity


Conducting the Choir

Organ Scholars at Trinity are responsible for taking rehearsals and training singers in groups of various sizes throughout the year. This often includes rehearsing individual soloists or solo groups, as well as taking sectional rehearsals. In addition to conducting individual components of services (e.g. anthem, canticles, psalm), the Organ Scholars conduct several entire services each term with close guidance from the Director of Music.

Jeremy Cole (Organ Scholar) conducts Byrd Ne Irascaris in Evensong

During their time at Trinity, Organ Scholars have one-to-one conducting tuition with the Director of Music, Stephen Layton.  These lessons are tailored to the individual’s needs at all stages of their development as a conductor and choir trainer. The availability of video and audio recording equipment allows for critical self-appraisal and these materials are used as the foundation for conducting lessons.

It is not unusual for Organ Scholars to establish their own choirs whilst at Cambridge, and most find the training they receive at Trinity an invaluable springboard for their own conducting careers.


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