Bach: Clavier-Übung III

Resonus Classics RES10120

Stephen Farr

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"It's a courageous first foray into the german master's music [...] Farr rises to the occasion, turning in performances that are as varied and vital as the music demands, intricate details inked with telling clarity and the elongated arc of the whole negotiated with nimble and nuanced aplomb. Superb recorded sound."
Choir and Organ

"One can simply enjoy Farr's rock steady rhythmic playing, crisp articulation and commanding overview. His approach is refreshingly unfussy and quirk free, and he draws on an unfailingly interesting palette of tonal colours [...] In a strong field this performance must be in the top three."

"Farr's playing needs no musicological justification; it sparkles and seduces in equal measure, and the choice of instrument (the 1975 Metzler at Trinity College, Cambridge) seems completely wedded to the score."
Classical Ear

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