Robert Sharpe


Robert SharpeRobert Sharpe has been Director of Music at York Minster since September 2008, having previously held posts at Truro Cathedral, Lichfield Cathedral, St Albans Abbey and Exeter College, Oxford.

His work centres around the daily choral tradition of York Minster with its two treble lines of boys and girls, and the famous Minster organ.  In addition he performs frequently as an organ soloist, having played in many parts of Europe and the USA as well as major venues in the UK.

Robert Sharpe has a keen interest in liturgy and music and the interplay between them, and also in food, interesting wines, real ale, architecture, clocks and furniture.  He holds Fellowships of the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal College of Organists and is a member of the Victorian Society and the Wine Society.  In 2008, he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Guild of Church Musicians and awarded the 2008 Cornwhylen Cross by the Cornish Gorsedd “for an outstanding contribution to religious music in Cornwall”.