Stanford - Choral Music

Hyperion CDA68174

Trinity College Choir
Trinity Brass
Stephen Layton

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'If a disc of sacred Victoriana conjures images of kid gloves and more-tea-vicar, then this is the recording to banish them once and for all. Tea cups are shattered along with prim liturgical proprieties in a recording that reclaims this repertoire as the full-blooded Christian battle cry that it is.'


'The recording, in the Hereford Cathedral and in the Trinity College Chapel is a fine one, with excellent dynamic range and deep, deep organ pedals. The combination of voice, organ and brass makes for a potent brew, and the recording and performances simply can’t be faulted.'

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'A thrilling performance from The Choir of Trinity College Cambridge...the sheer impact of the voices in the opening [of For lo, I raise up], the clarity of the diction (one of Layton's trademarks), the way they navigate the sudden changes of mood, the breadth and then the exhilirating acceleration towards the final section, fleeter than most choirs can manage. It's a Stanford album of the highest quality.'

BBC Radio 3 Record Review

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