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Stephen Layton Since 2012 Trinity College Choir has been broadcasting all of its services live on the internet.  This live webcasting - a new departure in the spreading of choral music where, by its very nature, nothing can be edited - was the first of its type in Cambridge and ensures that every note sung in the Chapel by the Choir can be heard around the world.

The Choir website also provides the opportunity to listen again to what has been webcast. Each service is made available immediately following the webcast and remains permanently on the website. There is now a considerable archive of live recordings of the Choir.

Listeners can follow the journey of new Choir members over the year, from the Freshers’ Service in October to the Leavers’ Service in June.  These students, studying for degrees in various subjects at Cambridge, are proud of their singing and their excitement in sharing it is audible. As a Choir they sing a variety of music, from William Byrd and Thomas Tallis, maintaining the English choral tradition, through to premieres of works, often written specially for them, from living composers around the world.

It is now possible to search and browse through this archive by title, composer, genre and track type, which will give listeners an insight into the repertoire and performance styles. I hope that you enjoy the new feature and would be pleased to have your feedback by email to

Stephen Layton