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Britten/Bridge - Choral Music

Recorded 10-11 January 1986. Released 1986.

This pioneering LP album of works by Benjamin Britten and his teacher Frank Bridge featured what were at the time premiere recordings of all five featured Britten works, and of most of the Bridge pieces.

This recording is not currently available in physical or download format, or on streaming services.

Side 1 – Britten

  1. Jubilate Deo
  2. Venite Exultemus Domino
  3. Deus in adjutorium meum
  4. Carry her over the water
  5. The Twelve Apostles

Side 2 – Bridge

  1. Hilli-Ho!
  2. O weary heart
  3. The bee
  4. Evening primrose
  5. Sister awake
  6. Lay a garland
  7. The graceful swaying wattle
  8. Golden slumbers
  9. Hence care
  10. A litany
  11. Peter Piper


Pearl SHE593