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Rehearsal in Brisbane 2016

"Trinity College Cambridge is truly the Rolls-Royce of choirs."

"I can confidently say that this recording is one of the finest CDs of
sacred choral and organ music you'll ever hear."
Gramophone - Editor's Choice
Briggs - Mass for Notre Dame

"Virtuoso is the right word. I for one can’t immediately think of any more
appropriate way of describing singing of such staggering accomplishment."
BBC Music Magazine

"Sitting front and center at a recent Trinity Choir of Cambridge concert at
Grace Cathedral was, sonically speaking, a heavenly experience."
The New York Times

"Layton’s choral scholars sing this technically challenging music…
with absolute purity of tone, perfection of intonation, and depth of feeling…
Time and again I simply stopped writing, frozen in place by the sheer
otherworldly beauty of what I was hearing."
Fanfare, USA

"Here was choral singing of rare distinction by what must be the best mixed choir
in Cambridge, directed by one of the finest choral directors around.
A very special occasion - even for Cambridge."
The Church Times

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