Finzi, Gerald: God is gone up


God is gone up (1951)

God is gone up with a triumphant shout:
The Lord with sounding Trumpets’ melodies:
Sing praise, sing praise, sing praises out,
Unto our King sing praise seraphic-wise!
Lift up your Heads, ye lasting Doors, they sing,
And let the King of Glory enter in.

Methinks I see Heaven’s sparkling courtiers fly,
In flakes of Glory down him to attend;
And hear Heart-cramping notes of Melody
Surround his Chariot as it did ascend:
Mixing their Music, making ev’ry string
More to enravish, as they this tune sing.

Words: Edward Taylor (c. 1642–1729)
Music: Gerald Finzi (1901–56)