McDowall, Cecilia: Deus, portus pacis

Deus, portus pacis (2009)

Deus, portus pacis.
Nowe cometh al ye that ben y-brought,
In bondes, full of bitter besynesse
Of erthly luste, abydynge in your thought.
Here ys the reste of all your besynesse,
Here ys the porte of peese and restfullnes,
To them that stondeth in stormes and dysese,
Only refuge to wreches in dystrese,
And al comforte from myschefe and mysese.
Deus, Deus, Deus.

God, the port of peace.
Now come all ye that are brought,
In bonds, full of bitter anxiety
Of earthly yearnings, abiding in your thought.
Here is the rest from all your uneasiness,
Here is the port of peace and restfulness,
To them that stand into storms of trouble,
Only refuge to wretches in distress,
And all comfort of misfortune and misery.
God, God, God.

Words: John Walton (c. 1410) trans. Rosemary Greentree
Music: Cecilia McDowall (b. 1951)