Thurlow, Jeremy: Lucis largitor

Lucis largitor (2015)

Lucis largitor splendide, cuius sereno lumine
post lapsa noctis tempora dies refusus penditur.
Tu verus mundi lucifer, non is qui parvi sideris
venturae lucis nuntius angusto fulget lumine,
Sed toto sole clarior, lux ipse totus et dies,
interna nostri pectoris illuminans praecordia.

O blest creator of the light, a light that is serene, now that gloomy night has passed your brightness fills the skies again.
You are the world’s true Morning Star, not that which dimly in the night
heralds the coming dawn and shines with only narrow light,
But brighter even than the sun, the purest Light and Day, enlightening with your blazing ray our inner hearts and minds.

Words: St Hilary of Poitiers (4th century)
Music: Jeremy Thurlow (b. 1976)