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A Child is Born

Recorded 9-11 July 1993. Released November 1993.

The Choir’s second original anthology on Conifer Classics of music for the festive season, following the 1990 release of > Carols from Trinity, and including a number of harmonisations and descants by Richard Marlow.

In 1995, Conifer Classics re-released ‘A Child is Born’ and ‘Carols from Trinity’ as a 2-CD compilation, confusingly also titled ‘Carols from Trinity’, with the original 1990 album as Disc 1 and A Child is Born as Disc 2.

This compilation is available on Spotify. Use the embedded player below to listen to track previews; click on the album title to listen to the album in full on Spotify.


Conifer Classics / BMG CDCF517


  • The Choir of Trinity College Cambridge
  • Silas Standage, Philip Rushforth (Organ Scholars)
  • Richard Marlow (Conductor)