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Lukaszewski - Choral Works - Audiophile Audition

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Hyperion offers us more of the unknown-but-worthy in this collection of sacred music by Polish composer Lukaszweski (b. 1968), one of the up-and-coming talented musicians following a long line of Polish comrades led perhaps by the indomitable Penderecki.  There is no Penderecki-angst here, and certainly no conflicted sense of Christian-justice-struggling-in-the-world like we find in the powerful best works of Scotsman James MacMillan. No, this is music that reflects a faith fully formed and accepted, exulting in truths readily perceived as self-evident.

All of this music is easily apprehended by even the most staid and staunch tonalist, with nary a wink towards any sort of conflicted harmonic dissonance scheme. This is not to say that the music lacks resolution of conflict, or is lacking in dramatic capacity; indeed, using purely his imaginative capability for skilled word painting and emotional tone, Lukaszweski shows us a shining skill in bringing forth colorful and movingly meaningful scenes of non-sentimental piety and musically inspiring craftsmanship of great integrity and fertile imagination.

Stephen Layton and his Choir of Trinity College Cambridge are committed to this music with an obvious flare and devotion, while Hyperion grants them all of the opulent tonal surroundings needed to make Lukaszweski’s music resolve in resplendent acoustics. This is definitely a keeper, and a fine new discovery – for me at least!

Steven Ritter

Lukaszewski - Choral Works
Hyperion Records CDA67639