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Lukaszewski - Choral Works - BBC Radio 3 CD Review

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“It’s a while since I’ve been able to catch up on some of the new CD releases to hit the shelves. There have been plenty. I’ve got a couple of discs here which I couldn’t wait any longer to play you. Stephen Layton’s the conductor on the first of them, which means there’s a good chance you’re in for a real discovery. Quite how he manages to unearth such un-mined gems I really don’t know, but he’s done it again with music by the Polish composer, Pawel Łukaszewski. Łukaszewski’s typical of the choral new order in Poland, dedicated to music for the church and highly influenced by the work of men like Penderecki and Arvo Pärt. This is one of a sequence of antiphons for advent which he calls the O Antiphons for the simple reason that they all begin with the word O.”  


Plays O Oriens


“Stephen Layton directing the Choir of Trinity College Cambridge there. And what a terrific job he’s done since taking over that choir just two years ago, giving those young voices a sense of total assurance which adds to their music-making immensely if you ask me.”

Aled Jones

Lukaszewski - Choral Works
Hyperion Records CDA67639