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Poulenc - Gloria & Motets - The Daily Telegraph

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This is a real treat. Polyphony brings its characteristic incisiveness, precision and evenness of tone to Poulenc’s unaccompanied Lenten and Christmas motets, Salve regina and Exultate Deo. But it is the account of the Gloria – Poulenc’s monkish habit at its most highly coloured – that makes this a real must-buy.

For this, Polyphony is joined by the Choir of Trinity College,   Cambridge , where Stephen Layton presides as director of music, along with the taut playing of the Britten Sinfonia. To cap it all, Susan Gritton sears the heart in her solos, while the church recording gives the whole enterprise a reverent halo.


Matthew Rye

Poulenc - Gloria & Motets
Hyperion Records CDA67623