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Howells - Requiem - Buffalo News

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The Choir of Trinity College, a group going back to the 14th century, brings a luminous, beautifully balanced sound to a range of music by Herbert Howells (1892-1983). The dynamics are carefully sculpted. Crescendos and even decrescendos thrill. This is approachable music – I picture it like a bright painting, with primary colours. Everyone will have their favorite parts. I love the dreamy fading away of the “Amen” in the “Magnificat.” And the heavenly beginning to the “Salve Regina,” which Howells wrote as a young man taking the bus to hear the Renaissance music at London’s Westminster Cathedral. (“Palestrina for tuppence,” the notes say that his composition teacher jokingly put it, alluding to the cost of the bus fare.) The beautiful “hymn to St. Cecilia” would please the patron saint of music.

Howells - Requiem
Hyperion Records CDA67914